Umerkhadi Children’s Home

Umerkhadi Children’s Home is run by the Children’s Aid Society. It is a home for children who are in need of care & protection which is governed by The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children), Act, 2017,  a national level law.

This Children’s Home is an interim care and protection place which houses children for a short duration. Children are rescued by NGOs / Police from street and railway stations. Children in Need of care & Protection are children who are missing, run away from home, rescued from labor, beggary, place of exploitation, abandoned by the family or found in any situation which is identified as in need of care and protection as per the law.  

Taking into consideration the profile of Mumbai City, the home has children from all the states of the country and also from some of the neighboring countries. As per the law, within 120 days of the child’s admission, the Child Welfare Committee along with the Probation Officer should decide whether the child can be sent back home or s/he to be sent to a Shelter Home.

There are two children’s homes that run from this premise. A children’s home for boys which houses approximately 200-300 boys and a children’s home for girls with approximately 50-100 girls. The sheer number of children that come into this home coupled with limited resources leads to some children’s cases been pending for a considerable amount of time.

The different categories of rescued children are :

  • Child Labor
  • Begging children
  • Runaway and missing children
  • Children abandoned by parents
  • Orphan Children
  • Victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Trafficked children
  • Missing children

Objectives :-

  1. To create a safe, loving and listening space for children during their interim stay at the home.
  2. To provide emotional support and healing to children in need.
  3. To provide a space through books and other art forms for children that ignite learning and curiosity
  4. To support the system/institution in meeting children’s physical health, nutrition, and hygiene needs.
  5. To assist the system/institution in setting up processes to repatriate the children from Bangladesh and Nepal and reunite them with their families.  
  6. To make the Sundays and Holidays of children a ‘FUN’ day by inviting volunteers who use different art modalities to create a space of learning and sharing.

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