SachiSachi Maniar (Founder, Director)

Sachi entered the children’s home in 2012 as a volunteer to paint the white walls of the home. She was so moved by the condition of the children in the home that she couldn’t help wondering what to do about it. A filmmaker by profession, she thought the best thing would be to create a film to raise funds to better the situation of the home. However, life had other plans. Two years down the road, she left her high-paying career in films to create safe transformative spaces for children and youth at risk. She wears many feathers in her cap. She advocates for services for the children both within the home, coordinating with staff and other NGOs, as well as outside to enable repatriation. She fundraises for Ashiyana, draws in volunteers and in general communicates to the world outside the homes (including policy makers). She is happiest sitting in circles with the children to empower them to dream and be positive.

suhasiniSuhasini Sundaresan (Clinical Psychologist)

Suhasini is our Clinical Psychologist and has been associated with the Home since 2012. At Ashiyana, she has created a safe mental health space where she spends her time listening to the children for hours, answering their infinite questions and taking care of their mental and emotional needs. With her degree in M.A. Psychology and over 4 years of experience working with children, she has the pulse of the Child Guidance Clinic.

Anshit Baxi (Project Manager)

Anshit’s journey with Ashiyana can be described as just right timing! Anshit had a deep calling to work with children and youth at risk just when Ashiyana was looking at starting a new project at the David Sassoon Industrial Home. With a Master’s in Social work and his on the ground experience with children in conflict with the law, he brings the balance of planning and spontaneity to the organization. Anshit’s dream is to sit in circles, create safe spaces and transform as many lives as possible of children at risk.

SAJIDSajid Maulvi (Assistant Project Manager)

Sajid is the most spirited and the youngest member of the team with a passion for creating learning spaces for children at the Home. Growing up in a closed institution himself, he completely understands the children and their pain. He is not only their teacher but a mentor and a loving bhaiyya (elder brother) who enables the children to express their deepest desires and fears and release their pain. He often becomes the punching bag for the children. Working at the home in the day and going to a night college in the evening, he is a real inspiration for our children.