WhatsApp Image 2017-01-20 at 18.17.05 (Blurred)New Year is often accompanied by new resolutions for many of us. To provide an incentive for taking up the resolution of personal hygiene a two-day workshop was organized by Ms. Rashmi Arya in January 2017. The theme of this workshop was ‘Gender through Music’ and it was focused on Gender Education for girls at Umerkhadi Children’s Home.

Rashmi is an active social volunteer and is the lead female vocalist in the band Manzil Mystics. The broad topics covered through the workshop were Gender Education, Personal Hygiene and a healthy understanding of the reproductive system.

Topics like menstrual cycles, female reproductive system, and sex which are usually talked about in hushed tones in our society were discussed openly in the sessions. Music was used as a tool to increase the comfort level of the girls in opening up to such topics. After initial reluctance, a few girls started asking questions and this served as an ice breaker. Activities, like identifying female body parts in groups and drawing out the reproductive system on chart papers, helped in increasing the comfort level of girls towards the topics. This was followed by discussions on how to maintain cleanliness during menstrual cycles, how to prevent infections and other such topics. The girls understood an important lesson: it is only when we understand ourselves that we begin respecting ourselves. The session concluded with another song by Rashmi. 

A few testimonials by the girls on the session:

“From the session, I learned how the female system works during our menstrual cycle and that we have to take care of our body. I also learned that during childhood our body shape is very different and as we turn teenagers our body takes a totally different shape. I also learned that our body has two systems: Inside and Outside”

“I learned the names of the parts of our reproductive system and the changes that occur when a girl starts to grow up.”

“I learned how our system works during menstruation. I also learned where babies are inside a female body when they are pregnant.”

 Thank You, Rashmi for such an insightful session with our girls :)