The Christmas Party at Dongri was brilliant! The kids and the volunteers both had a blast.
Planning was done on short notice, only a day prior, and within two hours the volunteers had the plan ready and had the responsibilities distributed among themselves.
Then came the actual day!
The volunteers had arranged for decoration, snacks, DJ and also a loving Santa! Santa was clearly the highest point of the day.
The children were really excited when they saw the DJ equipment being set up and were growing restless to start the music. When the music finally began at 2, all hell broke loose (of course, in a good way). The kids went crazy. Much enthusiasm and talent were demonstrated, that left most of the volunteers speechless. There were smiles and smiles everywhere.
There were some who were doubtful, waiting on the sides. So the volunteers fanned out periodically calling out everyone. It was great to see them so lively, having so much of fun. The volunteers danced, the kids danced, and it was a lively experience. We did not restrict the kids this time, all their favorite Bollywood numbers were played. Spirited kids did all sorts of steps the volunteers couldn’t. Some kids were so talented that they started doing some freestyle dancing and stuff.
Then came in the surprise. Anjali’s dad had volunteered to be the Santa, and the perfect Santa was he! The kids surrounded, cheered, shouted when they saw the Santa! The volunteers then managed to get the kids seated in rows so that Santa can distribute the chocolates and every kid has a chance to shake hands with Santa!
Then was a round of Snack Distribution. The kids were more disciplined with the eating than the volunteers had originally anticipated, and that was heartwarming to see. We also received 500 oranges at the last moment from a group of volunteers. The food was distributed separately in the boys and girls section, and also to the Juvenile section.
All in all, it was an enriching experience for both the kids and the volunteers. It was a brilliant example of teamwork, of how the positive energies of each volunteer culminate to form something much bigger than each one of them and make such a hugely successful event possible.